Woman In Georgia CARJACKED With AK-47 Meanwhile A Woman In UK CARJACKED With KNIVES


Gun Laws in US

I’m not saying this to say that we live in a dangerous world, actually, that’s exactly why I’m saying this even though Anti-Gun people like to make light of it; GOOD people with guns stop BAD people with guns from doing bad things. Anti-Gun people can crack jokes about it all they want but there’s no denying it.

500,000 to 3 million times each year is how many people use their guns in self-defense according to the CDC.

So, I’ll repeat it again, Good people with guns stop bad people with guns from doing bad things.

It’s why even the most anti-gun person on the planet won’t put up a sign in their front yard that says, “Criminals beware, There are no guns here”.

They know they might as well put up a sign that says, ” Come Rob us, we have no means to protect ourselves”

Now I know there will be people who see this and say but if she had a gun and started shooting they would have shot back at her, but instead, she complied and no one got shot at.


You want the decision of whether you live or die to be exclusively in the hands of someone who has such little respect for your life that they put a gun to your face threaten to kill you and then take your property?

Nah, I’m cool, I’d rather have a gun in that situation so that I can make the decision about how I want to protect my life.

The Gun Control Lobby would have you believe compliance will win you the day every time, but that’s not the case.

For every story of a person complying and living there’s are tons of stories of people complying and dying. So forgive me if I don’t subscribe to your Toxic Pacifist Movement.

Criminals fear Good People with Guns even though the gun control lobby and their politicians want to make it as hard as possible on the Good people to have guns.

In a study, “The U.S. Department of Justice, private gun ownership influences the behavior of criminals,” over 1,800 imprisoned felons across the country were surveyed on their opinions of firearms.

Here is what they learned:

One-third of criminals questioned had encountered an armed victim. The study found 34% of the felons had been scared off, shot at, wounded, or even captured by a gun-owning victim.

56% of those interviewed agreed that criminals intentionally avoid armed victims. If criminals know the individual has a weapon, they chose to target another victim.

The law-abiding citizens are already at a disadvantage.

We don’t get to chose the time and place where we will have to defend our lives and we can only have the guns the government says are legal. Criminals get to chose whatever weapon they want, the day, the time, the moon alignment, the location, and the strategy while The Gun Control Lobby and their politicians keep trying to make it even harder for us.

Your life belongs to you, therefore you decide how it’s going to be protected and there is nothing and I mean nothing like having the ability to protect your own life and not having to depend on a cop or Good Samaritan to be there in time or depending on a criminal to be merciful.

For those of you who think, “We should just get rid of the guns like they did in the UK, and stuff like this doesn’t happen there,” the video at the end is a group of guys carjacking a woman in the UK using Knives.

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