Why The Daniel Defense MK12 is a Rifle I Don’t Deserve


Daniel Defense MK12

In 1999 the US Military wanted a Rifle that could shoot as fast as an M4 or M16 but had the M24 bolt action rifle’s long-range capability while being lightweight and maneuverable.

In Short, they wanted the Jesus rifle. Instead, what they got was the MK12.

I love the way this rifle feels and handles. If I had to describe it in one word, it would be “EASY” everything feels easy on this rifle.

Where I truly fall in love with this rifle is in how it shoots. Good lord, I love the way this rifle shoots because it’s so easy to shoot. Like the “True Mk12,” the Daniel Defense MK 12 has a Rifle length direct impingement gas system which, to be honest, will make most rifles a soft shooting rifle, and this Mk12 is no exception.

I can shoot this rifle all day and not fatigue. But it’s more than just how soft it shoots.

It also comes with the Geissele SSA 2-Stage trigger, which is freaking phenomenal because it’s just as good at shooting fast as it is shooting slow and accurately.

It’s a two-stage trigger with a single-stage personality.

When I want to go fast, it lets me go fast. When I want to go slow, it allows me to go slow, and I love it. However, what I don’t love very much is the charging handle. I can live without this charging handle. It’s not bad; I don’t prefer it. I like a charging handle with a bigger profile and wings that are ambidextrous.

My Daniel Defense Mk12 Is not a rifle I show off when I have friends come over. It’s a rifle I appreciate the most when it’s just me and the rifle out on the range or a piece of property.

I shoot this rifle way more than I did before, and the more I shoot it, the more I love it.

However, It usually doesn’t hit me how much I love this rifle until I’m finished shooting and I’m packing up for the day.

I’ll look over and see it lying there, and I’ll think, man, I really love that rifle, and then another voice will say, “Yeah, you like it now, but you neglected it at first, so you don’t deserve it.”

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