Why Are Bolt Action Rifles More Accurate?


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0:00 Why Are Bolt Actions More Accurate?
1:17 Bolt Action vs Semi-Auto (Armalite AR-10 Semi-Auto Rifle)
1:56 Are They More Accurate? (FN Ballista)
6:27 Better Velocity
8:00 Ben’s German K98 8mm Bolt Action Rifle
9:26 M1903 Springfield .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle
10:10 Bolt Action History
11:00 Advantages of Bolt Action
13:15 Finnish M39 7.62x54R
13:40 Cock on Close vs Cock on Open (British No.5 MK1)
16:03 Straight Pull (Swiss K11 7.5×55)
17:54 Final Thoughts
19:01 Win Texas Plinking’s HTI .50 BMG!

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