Sell Guns Online

What’s The Best Way To Sell Guns Online?


The best way to sell guns online is with Armory Classifieds. Here’s how we make it possible to buy and sell firearms in your state.

It can be challenging to list firearms for sale online since the majority of web-based marketplaces prohibit users from listing guns, ammunition, and firearms accessories. With Armory Classifieds, you have an easy-to-use platform where you can sell guns online to local buyers in your state. In this blog, we’re sharing some tips to make sure that your transactions are simple and easy.

Do You Want To Sell Guns Online? Here’s What You Need To Know

List On The Right Platform

You want to list your guns for sale on a platform that’s not only simple to use, but offers low-cost membership packages and comes with lots of benefits too. Armory Classifieds has a variety of packages that meet the needs of any seller. You can easily see listing and account analytics on our seller dashboard, and an account with us gives you direct access to our online message boards, our news network, and more.

Create High-Quality Listings

In order to have success when you sell guns online, it’s important to create listings that are eye-catching and enticing to potential buyers. No doubt you have heard it said that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and it couldn’t be more true than when you’re selling something online.

When a buyer can’t see an item in person and hold it in their hand, it’s very important to them that you include as many details as possible in your listing and take high-quality photos that show every angle of your firearm. If there are any flaws or other issues you should highlight those as well, to ensure that your buyer has all of the information they need before making an offer and meeting up with you to make the purchase. 

Sell Guns Online

Abide By State Laws

Every state has different requirements and regulations regarding the buying and selling of firearms, and there are federal regulations that you should be aware of as well. While there are ways to sell firearms, ammunition, and accessories across state lines, it’s generally simpler and more appealing to many buyers and sellers to keep their transactions local.

The state government website in your state will generally outline any regulations that you need to follow when buying or selling firearms, and it’s important for responsible gun owners to familiarize themselves with this information. 

At Armory Classifieds, many of our users are small business owners who operate local gun shops. Our platform makes it easy for them to list their inventory online, and they can link to their own websites or direct buyers to their storefront.

Make Sure Your Interactions Are Safe

If you’re a private-party seller and are meeting up with your potential buyer, you should take some extra safety precautions before your transaction. Arrange your meet-up in a well-lit, public place, and bring someone with you if you can. Try and get a picture of the interested buyer before your meetup as well, so that you are able to quickly identify them.

Once the transaction is complete, have a receipt or bill of sale ready for them to sign and add their information to, and keep it for your own personal records. Depending on the laws in your state, this step may be required.

Sell Guns Online With Armory Classifieds

At Armory Classifieds, your first listing is free. Come and see how easy it is to start selling your firearms, parts, and accessories online. Register for an account with us today!