What To Look For In A “Good” AR-15


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0:00 What To Look For In An AR-15
2:24 Bolt Carriage Groups: Mil-Spec vs Enhanced
6:22 Barrels: 4140, 4150, Stainless Steel (Battle Arms Workhorse)
9:26 Upper & Lower Receivers (IWI Zion Z-15)
11:23 Monolithic vs Monoforged Upper Receivers (LWRCI M6IC-DI)
13:12 Rails: M-Lok vs Picatinny vs Proprietary (Colt M4 Clone)
14:36 Colt M4 Custom Rifle
16:57 Twist Rates: 1:7 vs 1:8 vs 1:9
18:26 2nd Amendment & Bill of Rights
22:00 Mil-Spec vs Commercial Buffer & Stocks
23:34 Win FLAIR’s Barrett M82A1!

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