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Utah Gun Classifieds: List Your Firearm For Free


Utah gun classifieds from Armory Classifieds make it easy to reach local buyers in your state. The best part? Your first two listings are a grand total of… FREE.

If you live in Utah and want to buy or sell your firearms, ammunition, accessories, or related services, we have great news. At Armory Classifieds, you can create online firearms listings that reach thousands of potential buyers, or browse our current listings and find your next purchase. At the time of this blog our website is hosting over 950 individual listings for Utah gun classifieds and counting. So how much longer will you be waiting to create your listing?

Private Guns Sales Through Utah Gun Classifieds

If you’re selling a gun in Utah, not only do you need to find the best online platform to list your firearm, it’s also important to be aware of state and federal regulations. 

In the state of Utah, an individual cannot possess, purchase, transfer, or own a firearm if they are a prohibited person as outlined by Utah Code 76-10-503 and United States Code 18 U.S.C. 922. Private gun sale laws are different from dealer sales. In a private gun sale, the buyer can purchase a rifle, handgun, or shotgun legally if:

  • Both the buyer and seller are over the age of 18
  • The buyer is a current resident of the state of Utah
  • The seller is a current resident of the state of Utah
  • They are not considered prohibited persons as outlined in the codes listed above

In a private sale, no background checks are required. It is recommended that you create a receipt or bill of sale that records the name and contact information of both the buyer and seller, information about the firearm that was sold, and the time and date of the sale.

Do You Own A Gun Shop In Utah?

Utah gun classifieds from Armory Classifieds is the perfect resource for gun shop owners. If your shop is located in a smaller town, it might be difficult to share your inventory with the number of potential customers that you want – but not with Armory Classifieds

Your first two gun classified listings are free, and after that our monthly packages are cost-effective and offer you the option to post an unlimited number of listings. This allows you to reach even more local buyers in your state, bringing them through your door to purchase firearms, ammunition, accessories, and more.

Another convenient feature that is available through our Recommended and Monthly Unlimited packages is a button that allows gun shop owners to link back to their own websites from their listing. This can direct buyers to your online store to complete their purchases.

Armory Classifieds Is The Right Place To Sell Your Gun In Utah

Utah gun classifieds don’t need to be complicated. Come list your firearm, browse our current listings, and interact with your community on Armory Classifieds. Our mission is to make finding local firearms as easy as possible. Get started by creating your free account today!

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