These Are The People We Need to Talk To About Guns


Gun control arguments

It amazes me how the same people who hate politicians because they think they’re all corrupt are the same people willing to give up their 2nd Amendment rights to the same politicians.

Honestly, a lot of these people don’t know any better.

People are overwhelmed making a living and trying to provide for their families and don’t have the time to research the true meaning behind the 2nd Amendment.

They also don’t have time to research the various anti-constitutional gun control laws that these anti-gun politicians try to pass.

Therefore we have to start speaking to the people in the middle about the issue because once you can convince the majority of them to protect the Second Amendment, our Representatives will have no choice but to comply.

Many people who think they’re pro-gun control are just ignorant on the issue, and once they get new information, they change the way they feel about gun control.

They may not tell you right then and there when you’re having the conversation, but I assure you that when they go home, they change their perspective after looking into it.

Millions of people don’t know what they don’t know about the gun debate, gun control, and guns in this country. The mainstream media isn’t going to teach them either, which is why we have to.

Yes, social media makes it exceptionally hard to get this message out, but it’s also a God Send.

Because of social media, I don’t have to be on cable news or in Hollywood to get the message to millions of people. I have a camera, an internet connection, and most importantly, I have you.

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