The Anti Gun Lobby Is Like The Taliban


Gun Control Lobby

In terms of strategy, the anti-gun lobby and their bought and paid for politicians are just like the Taliban:

The anti-gun lobby has time on its side. While we’re patting ourselves on the back thinking, we’ve won the debate. They’re using the public schools to teach the next generation of kids that the 2nd Amendment is outdated.

These are kids who will grow to become the new leaders and voting demographic in this country, and they will vote for gun control because that’s what they’ve been taught to do.

The biggest mistake we make is underestimating the anti-gun lobby’s desire for power and control.

We naively think they want to save lives; no, they want to control lives.

They use the goal of saving lives as a smokescreen for their lust for power and control.

Think about it, every time the government says it’s for your safety, it means giving them more power and control

For your safety is the perfect excuse for everything.

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