Texas Becomes Most Pro Gun State In The Country Because of What the Governor Just Did


Texas Greg Abbott Signs Constitutional Carry

This is usually the time of the year where I’m not too fond of Texas because the heat is disrespectful, the humidity is rude, and the bugs and mosquitoes are ridiculous, but today is different. Today I’ve Never loved The state of Texas the way I love it now.

Our Governor Greg Abbott signed 7, not 1, not 2, but 7 pro 2nd Amendment bills into law.

I thought him just signing constitutional carry to make Texas the 21st constitutional carry state in the nation was a big deal, but no, we got way more than that restoring more rights to law-abiding Texans who wish to protect themselves and their families outside the home.

Collectively, these bills will make Texas the most pro-gun state in the nation.

The most beautiful thing about Abbott signing these bills is how passionate he was in explaining why he was signing each bill and his commitment to protecting the people of Texas’s rights under the Second Amendment.

If you’re not a Texan, use this video as motivation to get your state officials to do the same and share this video far and wide so that other people can see that we are making strides in the fight to protect the second amendment.

Texas House Bill 1927 authorizes Constitutional Carry in Texas, meaning law-abiding Texans can legally carry a handgun without a license to carry. This makes Texas the 21st constitutional carry state. The other 20 states are Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Texas House Bill 957 repeals the criminal offense of possessing, manufacturing, transporting or repairing a firearm silencer. It also ensures that any firearm suppressor manufactured in Texas, and that remains in Texas, will not be subject to federal law or federal regulation.

Texas House Bill 2622 makes Texas a Second Amendment Sanctuary State by protecting Texans from new federal gun control regulations.

Texas Senate Bill 20 allows guests to store firearms in their hotel rooms.

Texas Senate Bill 19 prohibits any governmental entity from contracting with any business that discriminates against firearm and ammunition businesses or organizations.

Texas Senate Bill 550 removes the shoulder or belt holster requirements, allowing Texans to carry firearms in whatever kind of holster they choose.

Texas House Bill 1500 prevents any government entity from prohibiting the sale or transportation of firearms or ammunition during a declared disaster or emergency.

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