Taurus GX4 Microcompact 9mm Pistol – USA Carry Review


This is the only micro compact 9mm pistol with an interchangeable backstrap. It holds 11 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber that gives you twelve. Compared to some of the other micro compacts out there, it is on par just carrying one more in the magazine. When looking at how Taurus GX4 Micro compact 9mm Pistol shoots, it shoots good and feels good; get a full grip on it.
Flat Face Trigger – this trigger has a wider blade and has texture going up and down. This texture helps your trigger finger from slipping. It has a nice clean break and resets nice.
Sites- This Pistol has a white dot front site and blacked-out rear. Luke likes that it does not come with a three-dot system. You wouldn’t replace them unless you wanted some night sights.
Grip texture- the grip texture has a microdot grip texture. It’s very similar to what all of the other guns in comparison have—same stifling for the index pointer on the finger. The grip texture works excellent. Other features are cuts in the grip and magazine, and that’s for when you have to strip the magazine out.

All in all, 600 rounds were shot, and there was not a single malfunction and there were no issues with using different kinds of ammunition.