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Start To Sell Guns Online For Free With Armory Classifieds


If you’ve been looking for the perfect place to sell guns online for free, Armory Classifieds is the answer. Here’s why.

Whether you’re selling a firearm to make room in your collection, selling guns, ammunition, or accessories that you no longer use or need, or run a local gun shop and are looking for an online platform to share your inventory, Armory Classifieds is the place for you. Our website brings in thousands of monthly listings and buyers, and the easy-to-use interface makes it the best place to sell guns online for free.

Take These Steps To Sell Guns Online For Free

Create An Account On Armory Classifieds

There’s no cost to create an account with us, you just need to register your email and create a username. From there, you can choose one of the selling packages that we offer. 
One thing that sets us apart from other firearm classifieds websites is that our users can create their first two listings for free with the Starter Package.

Select A Package

Starter Package

Sell guns online for free with the Starter Package, which allows you to create two listings and keep them active for 90 days per submission. Listings under the Starter Package can include up to 4 images. This package will also give you access to our message boards, the business dashboard, account and listing analytics, and the ability to promote your listings.

Recommended Package

This package allows you to create up to 10 listings for a set, one-time price. Each listing will remain active for an unlimited period of time. The Recommended Package gives you access to all of the features that the Starter Package offers, and also allows you to include an external buy now button on your listing. 

The external buy now button will send potential buyers to your website, letting them purchase directly from there. 

Monthly Unlimited Package

This package is perfect for sellers who have large volumes of inventory or sellers that plan on actively listing items each month. With the Monthly Unlimited Package, you will have all of the features included in the Recommended Package, no limit to the number of listings you can create, and your listings will never expire. 

This package also offers discounts based on the number of months that users purchase the package for:

  • 5% off for 2 months
  • 10% off for 3 to 4 months
  • 15% off for 5 to 9 months
  • 20% off for 10 months or more

Create Your Listing And Sell Guns Online For Free

Add images, a description, and your contact information, and your listing is ready to go live in front of thousands of potential buyers in your state. You can create listings in multiple categories, including:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Gun parts and accessories
  • Services

Amory Classifieds makes it easy to sell guns online for free. Sign up today and create your first two firearms listings at no charge!

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