Ruger Max-9 vs Taurus GX4: Battle of Budget Micro 9mms


In this episode of TFBTV, Hop pits the Ruger Max-9 against the Taurus GX4 to see which delivers better value in the micro 9mm handgun category. Both pistols are about the same size and deliver similar capacity, but are otherwise very different. The Max-9 has an optics cut allowing for the mounting of micro red dots, and has a lot of nice out of the box features. The GX4 has a better trigger, and a lower MSRP.

If you’re worried about objectivity, just remember I was a Ruger fanboy long before I became a Taurus fanboy.

0:00 Intro
1:06 Size, capacity, and features
2:19 Quality and finish
3:30 Takedown and a broken Max-9
4:41 Shooting characteristics
6:48 Shooting drills (The Test, FSP 9@9)
8:30 Value discussion
10:06 Conclusion


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