Winchester 9mm 115gr $15.75/box 50 (0.315cpr) [Ammo]

Winchester 9mm 115gr $15.75/box 50 (0.315cpr) [Ammo]


Winchester 9mm 115gr $15.75/box 50 (0.315cpr) [Ammo]

12 reviews for Winchester 9mm 115gr $15.75/box 50 (0.315cpr) [Ammo]

  1. CombustionEngine

    My Dad gave me 500 rounds of this for Christmas and asked if I watched any Paul Harrell lately.

  2. getlostinmontana

    Shipping completely kills this. Norma is constantly hitting this price point with free shipping over 150

  3. mjisdagoat23

    Cheapest I’ve seen in a minute. I imagine shipping kills it tho. It always does.

  4. lastgateway

    In the before times, PSA used to have the 124 Win Nato for $8.99 all the time. I know, I know it’s not the before times anymore but American ammo manufacturers have to wake up. Norma etc. is eating their lunch now.

  5. Nomad2k

    Ain’t buying nothing till it hits 20 cpr. Fuck em’, feed em’ fish heads. Manufacturers think they’re calling the shots.

  6. flynn007

    I heard winchester white box shoots dirty af, is this true?

  7. Dr_Geppetto

    Had consistent bad experience feeding this garbagio through my Gen5 G19. Failures to feed and extract. Only ammo that’s done that for me. Anyone else have similar experience?

  8. full6tilt

    Should be illegal to post it as a “deal” with this outrageous shipping

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  10. TaskForceD00mer

    OOF almost $30 shipping to Wisconsin

  11. zorbaguppie

    Surely not part of the recent safety recall right?

    Per the recall notice:

    “Dear valued customer, we have become aware of the small possibility that certain lots of Winchester ammunition lines May have primer detonation without powder burn. Rest assured that the odds are only one in 25.

    By reading this recall notice, you hereby hold harmless and release from liability Winchester and all its agents from any resulting potential squib load, catastrophic failure, or kaboom!”

  12. Yungballz86

    Been through two of the 200 rd boxes over the last few months. Super reliable and no real issues to speak of. Great range ammo.

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