[Tools] 7.62×39 Headspace Gauge Set | CIP Spec – $69.95 + S/H

[Tools] 7.62×39 Headspace Gauge Set | CIP Spec – $69.95 + S/H


[Tools] 7.62×39 Headspace Gauge Set | CIP Spec – $69.95 + S/H

13 reviews for [Tools] 7.62×39 Headspace Gauge Set | CIP Spec – $69.95 + S/H

  1. DakPresglock

    I literally just spent $100 on these 2 weeks ago

  2. 29palms97

    I choose to find out my headspace is bad like a man when my rifle explodes.

  3. AdrianTheDrummer

    Tempting. Anyone know the accuracy of these?

  4. joeeee321

    Anyone ordered from here before?

  5. [deleted]


  6. LotionOfMotion

    If you need a 5.45×39 set Manson Reamers has them for $75.

    Phone order only tho

  7. ManCream3000

    What do these do?

  8. iamrt85

    Check out Manson’s Reamers – [https://mansonreamers.com/](https://mansonreamers.com/)

    You can get a set of Go, No-Go, and Field gauges for prevalent calibers for $75/set. They’re unfinished but work well enough.

  9. Unusual_Creature

    I just don’t understand why these are so expensive. I need 300 blk but have been putting off buying them because $60 plus shipping just seems outrageous for what they are. Unless I’m missing something.

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  11. IO_engineer

    good deal. Wish i could find set for 5.45

  12. datNEGROJ

    damn this is a really good price, anyone who is looking to buy a used AK should have these, imo

  13. bubbathedesigner

    OOS 🙁

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