[Shotgun]SDS S4 12 Gauge Shotgun $559.99

[Shotgun]SDS S4 12 Gauge Shotgun $559.99


[Shotgun]SDS S4 12 Gauge Shotgun $559.99

4 reviews for [Shotgun]SDS S4 12 Gauge Shotgun $559.99

  1. Enigma_x23

    Btw, any comparison vs the benelli? Just need a comparison and not a raging fanboy going haywire.

  2. davisaj5

    Wondering if this is a good option for my dad to have a cheap home defense semi

  3. Enixus_Xe

    How does this stack up against the other turknellis?

  4. Ozzy73

    Wonder why they took the pictures without the charging handle on.

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