[Shotgun] Used Police Trade In Remington 1187P 12 GA Shotgun – $499.99 + Free Ship

[Shotgun] Used Police Trade In Remington 1187P 12 GA Shotgun – $499.99 + Free Ship


[Shotgun] Used Police Trade In Remington 1187P 12 GA Shotgun – $499.99 + Free Ship

20 reviews for [Shotgun] Used Police Trade In Remington 1187P 12 GA Shotgun – $499.99 + Free Ship

  1. ImGundy

    Lookin a bit salty. Is this a good deal for these?

  2. zombot4

    God $500 is highway robbery for some ex-PD trunk bitch.

    EDIT: OOS you absolute fucking madlads

  3. lemon123wd40

    These look like they were tied up and dragged behind a truck on a rough gravel road

  4. darkcity9620

    These look more abused than used…

  5. Beanye

    Are these missing charging handles or something?

  6. PandaCatGunner

    I’ll give you $200, max

  7. raifsevrence

    Damn… those might be even nastier than the ones Atlantic had last month and they **still** sold out hella fast. Why?

  8. hellzraven7

    These look horrible even for half the price…were these shotguns left on a boat??

  9. dswen17

    These look beat holy hell

  10. gorillaz3648

    I’m sure it’s a decent shotgun, but not for this price. I wouldn’t be paying more than $300 for those in that condition

    Get a mossberg 590 instead

  11. Clifton1979

    Defunded PD’s should keep these trash gats

  12. turkyshooter


  13. impreza_GC8

    I love 11-87s I have several most people who hate them don’t understand how they function or have never shot one. I would have bought one of these in a heartbeat, the short barrels are hard to find. Anyone know where any more can be found? I’ve got spare wood furniture that would look tits on one of these. Super bummed I missed out.

  14. trippyshogun

    How dumb am I for considering grabbing one of these for a first semi auto shotgun? The alternative I’ve had bouncing around in my head is a CZ712, for comparison.

    Edit: the consistency of negative opinions here leads me to think that yes, I am pretty dumb. I’ll leave one for someone else.

  15. Oh_u_know_the_thing

    $500 for a clapped out department gun. I’m lolling. Fudds gone fudd

  16. bradsredditacct


  17. DanTalent

    They also have a knights armament 308 in stock

  18. Shooets-Envy-12

    I wonder how many bodies these have lol

  19. BrewTuna

    11-87 is garbage gun.

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