[SHOTGUN] STOEGER M3K 3-Gun Shotgun 12Ga 24″ Black Synthetic – $545.99 Free Shipping

[SHOTGUN] STOEGER M3K 3-Gun Shotgun 12Ga 24″ Black Synthetic – $545.99 Free Shipping


[SHOTGUN] STOEGER M3K 3-Gun Shotgun 12Ga 24″ Black Synthetic – $545.99 Free Shipping

12 reviews for [SHOTGUN] STOEGER M3K 3-Gun Shotgun 12Ga 24″ Black Synthetic – $545.99 Free Shipping

  1. Atwyay

    If you’re getting this, you want the Benelli Extractor and spring. The Stoeger one is the same part but with poorer quality (Benelli owns Stoeger), and will burn out after ~700 shots. I installed this, along with the lightweight recoil spring. Now my M3K eats walmart special ammo like a fat kid eats marshmallow peeps (Happy Easter).


    Edit: the lightweight spring I’m referring to is the lightweight recoil spring.


  2. thatonetallguy621

    Here’s mine, I love it – [long boi](https://imgur.com/a/Rb5aI5S)

    Edit: I have the freedom edition

  3. outocontext

    If anybody is wondering, yes, this is the hands down best bang for the buck option for getting into 3gun tacops but also yes it will need at the least a mag tube extension and port work done.

  4. iredditshere

    I have the 30″ with a Nordic +9. It’s a god damn wizard staff of Long dong daddy!

  5. wanttobeoceanside

    Hands down my favorite skeet gun. Love this thing. No issues whatsoever. Think I paid $615 middle of shit show.

  6. superkuper

    I have this with a TACCOM extension that doesn’t extend past the muzzle and I get 9+1+1.

  7. WoopigWTF

    How does this compare to the JM Pro shotguns from Mossberg as far as quality. I know this doesn’t have the tube extension and is a good bit cheaper, but anything else?

  8. Myzz11b

    Couldn’t find one of these forever. Bought a regular m3000. Is it worth selling and buying one of these or do they finally have aftermarket support where you can add all the cool 3gun stuff?

  9. Bobsaid

    Whelp, in for 1.

    Anyone know what mods/additions I should pick up for this?

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  11. Something_Funny

    I keep hoping a deal on a Beretta 1301 or A300 Ultima will pop up but I’m beginning to lose hope. Wonder if I should just bite the bullet and get this?

  12. letsgoiowa

    Damn, I got the defense oriented version and then realized I might want to get into hunting and trap shooting. Kind of considering trying to figure out how to sell my existing gun (only put a hundred rounds of 7.5 and 8 through it trap shooting for a day) and maybe grab something like this when it comes around again. Good idea or nah?

    It’s either that, or I get a cheapass Maverick 88 for that purpose lmao. That way I’d have TWO guns

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