[Shotgun] Stevens 320 Field/Security Pump 12 Gauge Blued $174.11 + $19.95 shipping

[Shotgun] Stevens 320 Field/Security Pump 12 Gauge Blued $174.11 + $19.95 shipping


[Shotgun] Stevens 320 Field/Security Pump 12 Gauge Blued $174.11 + $19.95 shipping

9 reviews for [Shotgun] Stevens 320 Field/Security Pump 12 Gauge Blued $174.11 + $19.95 shipping

  1. PissOnUserNames

    How do these compare to the maverick this is tempting

  2. 9livestime

    Is there any way to just get the security barrel.

  3. ThatSuperSport

    Of anybody is on the fence, go for it. I had 2000 rounds through my 320 and not a single hiccup. Kinda regret getting rid of it so I may be in for another.

  4. sotfggyrdg

    Recently reviewed by mrgunsandgear. He gave it a really positive review fwiw

  5. jdwhiskey925

    Slam fire?

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  7. jex15

    Overpaid heavily for mine mid pandemic but it was a birthday gift for me. I got the 18 inch with ghost ring sights. I love it. Hard recoil but it’s a shotty. My first one. I stand by it.

  8. FastRiddickGroot

    So is the 18″ cyl and the 28″ modified? that’s what I’m picking up from the description

  9. George_Hayduke

    The barrels sell for $150 on ebay all the time, so you could theoretically have a $45 scattergat.

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