[Shotgun] Rainier Arms Citadel Boss 25 $299.99 + shipping

[Shotgun] Rainier Arms Citadel Boss 25 $299.99 + shipping


[Shotgun] Rainier Arms Citadel Boss 25 $299.99 + shipping

12 reviews for [Shotgun] Rainier Arms Citadel Boss 25 $299.99 + shipping

  1. bargolio

    and gundeals gets me for another $300.

  2. Cheese_the_Red_Panda

    My brother has one of these. It’s a fun range toy. His has been reliable other than the first mag of birdshot which I’d attribute to break-in.

  3. LokiHoku

    If I already plan to get a Beretta 1301 tactical, does this fill any optional gap other than “$300 mag-fed shotgun=tacticool”?

  4. CJ_Figy

    Is this a good one?

  5. bleedbreakdowns

    Damn, literally just picked this up from my FFL this morning and I spent $365 + tax/shipping. It feels nice out of the box, a little sticky, will need a good cleaning and thorough break in with steelshot.

  6. TikiTraveler

    For $300 I’m getting for a range toy and I’d love paint neon tiger stripes on it.

  7. impledob

    From what I read it’s not too bad for one of the cheap Turkish shotguns.

  8. steezbot69

    Okay thats a pretty cool gun for $299 no matter how you look at it

  9. YeahIMaDJ

    I wonder if it runs the same Mags as the Rock Island Armory VR80


    Caught me on a day where money was burning a hole in my pocket. Curse you OP and thank you, but curse you too.

  11. Internetguy1000

    How’s it run birdshot when you first get it.

  12. Steel_Paperclip

    Good for first shotty?

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