[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Special 7+1 20in – $208.25

[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Special 7+1 20in – $208.25


[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Special 7+1 20in – $208.25

19 reviews for [Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Special 7+1 20in – $208.25

  1. IoniKryptonite

    12 gauge FYI…I fucked up and forgot to put that in the title. My bad

    Edit: lasted longer than I thought! 3 hours in and we’re finally OOS! Hope everyone was able to get one!

  2. Lou_sThighBurn

    Good deal, I paid more in 2017

  3. uglyugly1

    I’ve been waiting for these to come back. I may just hold out for a 590A1, though.

  4. IoniKryptonite

    Personally, I’d rather have the extra capacity at the cost of an inch and a half.

    Insert joke here:

  5. Vaxorth

    Good shotgun for a good price, highly recommend.

  6. ScooterMcClutch

    Good deal in these times. I paid $214 a few weeks ago

  7. paperwaller

    The best value in firearms. Period. It’s the perfect gun to own if you only want/need one that can fill so many different roles. Just need a gun for HD and a trip to the range once or twice a year? Perfect.

  8. CrumblyClover

    Is this seller good to go?

  9. hornmonk3yzit

    Aren’t these supposed to be 8 shot tubes or is this a new Maverick model?

  10. CJ_Figy

    How reliable are these?

  11. IoniKryptonite

    Bot OOS

  12. tragic-accident

    Thanks! Just bought one. Great deal for a great gun.

  13. williamiger

    Anyone use one with the longer barrel for trap? Is it worth going that route or just get something more expensive from the get go?

  14. user381035

    I have one. Very good price and very good shotgun. Fyi I don’t think it has a choke. But it’s great for home defense. Point click delete. Damnit maybe I need another one.

  15. WayOfTheChunkle

    My favorite shotgun atm I say it every thread I filled my mag with mini’s slugs birdshot and 00 in a Russian roulette thing and had a fucking blast.

  16. Thee_Analyst

    I paid $150 for a 500 Cruiser in 1993…this is a great price, considering the last year. 👍
    Thanks, might get the wifey one.

  17. brazzyxo

    Hey so I go and it’s asking for FFL, do I need the dealer to be informed or can I just pick a bait and tackle ship I frequent?

  18. bnoonan037

    Can someone give me a bit of advice? I used to have a stoeger shotgun that I got rid of a while back. I’ve been thinking of getting another and I’ve been looking at the Mossberg 500 that comes with 2 barrels. But I’ve also been looking at these Maverick 88s. My local FFL has a Maverick 88 for 230 so it would be a better deal if I just grabbed one from him. But he also has a few different Winchester sxp models for around 300-350 as well as a few Mossberg 500s outfitted for hunting and a CZ field shotgun. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and I dont think any seem like bad options.

    He also has a bunch of random brands I’ve not heard much about.

  19. Ch0522


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