[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 12 Gauge 7+1 $239.99

[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 12 Gauge 7+1 $239.99


[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 12 Gauge 7+1 $239.99

8 reviews for [Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 12 Gauge 7+1 $239.99

  1. WayOfTheChunkle

    I have this and it’s my favorite shotgun. I bought mine for 225$ at my LGS and they threw in a box of 00

  2. C-c-c-comboBreaker17

    I have the 18.5 model, it takes Mossberg 500 parts and is generally sweet all around. I prefer the crossbolt safety honestly

  3. Curious_Joke

    I own the 28″ version of this that I got at my LGS for $209. I went turkey hunting, skeet shooting, and of course just random target practice. I have to say, for the money, this is a decent shotgun and great if you have nothing or need another. Parts are interchangeable with the 509 and I can’t see why this isn’t a BIN price if you have a Sportsmans near you.

  4. Burn0ut7


  5. falcor_44

    Solid. Feels noticeable cheaper then my 590, and I don’t like the cross bolt safety compared to the ambi safety of the 500/590 models. But the 88s still run and run…no issues.

  6. Teejaye1100

    I love this gun. Bought mines from Wally World back in March for $197. Best money I’ve spent.

  7. CrazedCthulhu

    Why is the symmetry so sexy

  8. testicular-homicide

    Bruh if you so broke you gotta buy this cuz you can’t afford a real Mossberg 500 you prolly just shouldn’t own guns 😭😭😭

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