[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 12ga $199.99 Black 6rd

[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 12ga $199.99 Black 6rd


[Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 12ga $199.99 Black 6rd

11 reviews for [Shotgun] Mossberg Maverick 12ga $199.99 Black 6rd

  1. metalski

    I’ve seen them lower, but this is damn good in 2021.

  2. Floridamanridesagain

    5.6 of these or a Beretta 1301 Tactical?

    The Beretta, of course.

  3. metalski

    bot oos

    …that was fast.

  4. PaulBlartmallcop12

    Anyone see a 500 or 590 on weekend special?

  5. HODLandFLOW

    Using the 5% off for Academy CC holders and 10% off for first responders is nice on this.

  6. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    My local dunham’s locations are filled to the brim with Turkish 870 clones – thinking of selling my 20″ barrel/7 shot tube combo on eBay and putting that towards a turknelli or vr60.

  7. stumpy1218

    Now do a 590 pls

  8. RonnieReagy

    Nature is healing 🙏🏻

  9. SemperPereunt

    These have been this price throughout the entire pandemic, for anybody that is commenting about nature healing. I’ve bought two from them. Check your local Academy inventory on their website, it’s accurate almost every time.

  10. SeaPoem717

    Don’t get this unless you’re desperate for a 12ga

  11. Ryman546


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