[Shotgun] Mossberg 930 Tactical 12 Gauge – $649.99

[Shotgun] Mossberg 930 Tactical 12 Gauge – $649.99


[Shotgun] Mossberg 930 Tactical 12 Gauge – $649.99

12 reviews for [Shotgun] Mossberg 930 Tactical 12 Gauge – $649.99

  1. metalski

    Looks to be $550 [here](https://store.cornerstonearms.com/products/shotguns-mossberg-85322-015813853224-2530).

    Probably shipping and maybe tax though.

  2. VisPacmanParabola

    My LGS has this model for $999…..

  3. MikeWaz0wski

    Price seems high, tactical and spx models have been near ~~$530-550~~ $400 in the before-times

    Here’s my standard 930 copy-pasta, **tl;dr** decent for the price, can take some work to get running right

    Depending on model the 930s have hit-or-miss history[[^1](http://mossbergowners.com/forum/index.php?threads/mossberg-930-autoloader-troubleshooting.193/)][[^2](https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/115843-mossburg-930/)], particularly early builds.

    If you get a new 930, deep clean it first, check all moving parts for burrs and fitment – particularly the mag tube, shell stop, and extractor. Test feeding to make sure you don’t have the common [shell-stop double-feed](https://www.brownells.com/aspx/learn/learndetail.aspx?lid=15831) or [mag-tube fail-to-feed issues](http://mossbergowners.com/forum/index.php?threads/mossberg-930-autoloader-mag-tube-assemblies-and-extensions.906/page-10#post-78435), then oil/grease it well and break it in with 50-100 of 00buck and hot slugs before trying target & low-brass shells.

    Shell type does make a difference, I run shells with smooth hulls like Win AA SC or Rem Nitro which reliably extract in my 930s, have had issues with cheap federal and remington ridged hulls until I honed chamber.

    The SPX/Tactical 18.5″ models in particular often have trouble running shells <1200fps reliably due to the shorter barrel and gas system not optimized for it – some parts polishing and chamber hone has helped some people, others add aftermarket [parts from or3gun](http://www.or3gun.com/OR3GUN/about_or3gun_combo.htm) which can help extend the interval between cleaning and also improve cycling of low power target shells

    Mossberg CS has been good about fixing/replacing things for me, but they’ve had some trouble for others in the past. Know that you’re getting into a platform that probably will need some fine tuning – you *can* DiY fix it or a good gunsmith that knows the platform shouldn’t charge too much to tune it up. Here’s [a previous comment of mine](https://www.reddit.com/r/guns/comments/au8y6h/any_experience_with_or3gun_parts/eh77d6c/) that details some of the other common problems and fixes.

  4. FedUp119

    I’m so glad I got mine in the before times (2/2019). $406+transfer. Mine operates perfectly. I absolutely love it!

    Edit – Syntax

  5. FinderOfE

    Has anybody successfully SBS’d this?

  6. Kaiser400

    I own only pumps and bolt action shotguns. Is this semi auto shotgun good?

  7. osssssssx

    Waiting for the SPX models to get to $600 range.
    Does the more recent builds still have the issues mentioned by someone in this post?
    Would love to pick up an auto loading shotty but not sure what are some of the more reliable options

  8. MechaTrogdor

    Is this the best semi-auto tactical shotgun for the money?

  9. TaskForceD00mer

    My two cents but beware 930’s with factory tube extensions. Mine had so many damn issues with the factory tube extension, I tried all sorts of sanding, polishing, changing out the spring, follower, etc it still had issues binding.

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  11. KCbizzy

    How would you put a light on this one? Tube clamp thingy?

  12. FistfulOfMemes

    Bro these used to be $300 a few years ago

    Edit: $399, mb

    Edit 2: To hell with your downvotes. This shotgun isn’t worth $650, you animals

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