[Shotgun] Mossberg 590A1 20″ 9SHOT HEATSHIELD $779

[Shotgun] Mossberg 590A1 20″ 9SHOT HEATSHIELD $779


[Shotgun] Mossberg 590A1 20″ 9SHOT HEATSHIELD $779

25 reviews for [Shotgun] Mossberg 590A1 20″ 9SHOT HEATSHIELD $779

  1. Tuco86x

    MOSSBERG 590 A1 Retrograde

    Merry Christmas from Tuco

    I tapped out months ago and bought a 590 retrograde 18.5″


  2. twowords_number

    God damn that price lol

  3. creative_deficit

    Holy grail. Too bad I finally gave up and bought an m4

  4. rollpi

    I think a lot of people have been waiting for this. Or was it a different model?

  5. TigrisPhotosynthesis

    the one thing ive been looking for all year and already OOS you fuckin animals

  6. InterestingCraft3

    Who bought it??? I know it was one of you animals sound off

  7. Cyb0Ninja

    This or a 1301 for a first shotty? Still leaning 1301 but this is pretty sweet!

  8. Tuco86x


  9. aquabear215

    590a1 and retro for under 800, wow.

    Merry Christmas indeed

  10. LTWestie275

    I got a 590 retrograde yesterday for $439. How much is it to put on a red dot or ghost sights of my own

  11. siafu16

    I wonder how much money was spent on behalf of Tuco’s posts

  12. DevAlmighty

    Is the heat shield used to grill tendies?

  13. -ordinary

    Fucking expensive

  14. AAA_Game

    I really don’t need this, but I also feel like I *need* it

  15. CorkyCorcoran

    Stock too long. Doesn’t matter if it’s pretty.

  16. immortan_jared

    Shit, been after one of these for awhile. Gonna have to wait for the next one.

  17. Limited_opsec

    Lol it hasnt been available at near msrp like this for a damn year, some people definitely got their stocking stuffers taken care of!

  18. opsec-919

    these go for like 1500 on gunjoker

  19. LeeHarveyTeyBag

    OOS you animals!

  20. EastwoodRavine85

    Out of stock, fuck fuck fuck…

    my wallet, on the other hand 😌

  21. newgalactic

    That’s a lot of money for a pump HD shotgun. Yeah, it’s a really nice pump. But it’s almost to the same price of a Beretta 1301.

  22. razz538

    What are some of the big upgrades the 590 has over the 500?

  23. Babahaji1

    Isn’t this heavy AF?

  24. WilllOfD

    OOS bot

  25. tjcarbon9

    Lol the price…

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