[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 RETROGRADE 12GA 20″ $479 no tax

[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 RETROGRADE 12GA 20″ $479 no tax


[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 RETROGRADE 12GA 20″ $479 no tax

12 reviews for [Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 RETROGRADE 12GA 20″ $479 no tax

  1. LTWestie275

    This is my punishment for trying to get sleep. Out of stock.

  2. Tuco86x

    Been holding this 1 in my back pocket all night. “The 2am special” for us night shifters

    Just got my 18.5″ 590 retrograde from them this week. 😍

  3. [deleted]


  4. RimMeTons870

    So tempted to just pull the trigger on the 590 vs. waiting for the 590a1…

  5. Thesexymanfrommars

    Pulled the mf trigger, Very excited, but anxious about the Blued finish. What do y’all think about it? Will it last?

  6. Wash357mag

    We need a deal on bulk slugs cuz most indoor ranges don’t even allow shotguns and the ones that do only allow slugs
    And they charge around $10 for a box of five so around $2 a shell

  7. halbeshendel

    How tf this sell out in the middle of the night?

  8. siniquezu

    Serious question. What’s the appeal of the retrograde? It’s it for civil war larping or is it like aks where the wood finish has character?

    edit: wow some people can’t take a joke

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  10. JackBauerSaidSo

    Glad it’s OOS, the 18.5″ would make a great truck gun. Now to keep myself away from that white AUG on the front page.

  11. coyot3bongwat3r

    a1 or we riot

  12. [deleted]


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