[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12GA 20″ Pistol Grip & Heat Shield 8RD $346 no tax

[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12GA 20″ Pistol Grip & Heat Shield 8RD $346 no tax


[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12GA 20″ Pistol Grip & Heat Shield 8RD $346 no tax

12 reviews for [Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12GA 20″ Pistol Grip & Heat Shield 8RD $346 no tax

  1. Existing_Flow7762

    Can a Magpul SGA stock be put on this? Thanks

  2. rollpi

    I just want the heatshield mane

  3. AmazonSlaveRhemmy

    Perfect gun and price for a truck gun but unfortunately i own 4 shotguns already….

  4. WeezyMelt

    Anyone buy from here before?

  5. stumpy1218

    Damn that’s a good price

  6. randalschyler

    Straight pistol grip seems pretty rough, albeit pry same as 12ga. Shockwave, which was why I bought one in .410. Once, while out duck hunting I shot a 3″ 12ga. In my Mossberg just one handed and it about broke my wrist and I dropped the gun. Wouldn’t recommend…

  7. PostingUnderTheRadar

    My FFL always has to make sure they have proof that I paid tax, so what happens on a purchase like this where there is no tax?

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  9. BurnBarrelBryan

    Don’t see these parkerized that often. Good deal considering most replace the factory furniture. What I spent on model with blue finish that came with stock and pistol grip on a sale. I replaced furniture with magpul stuff.

  10. veapman

    Great price almost tempted though I just bought a gforce 🤠

  11. chowdergasp

    Out of Stock.

  12. gorillaz3648

    Kind of a dumb setup for a good shotgun, but that is a killer price

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