[shotgun] Mossberg 590 12 Gauge – $379.99

[shotgun] Mossberg 590 12 Gauge – $379.99


[shotgun] Mossberg 590 12 Gauge – $379.99

20 reviews for [shotgun] Mossberg 590 12 Gauge – $379.99

  1. Never_fucking_curses

    I am still holding out hope on a 590a1. Havent seen them for over a year except on gunjoker for 1k.

  2. SayNoToStim

    I wish there was an academy in my state

  3. ItinerantBanana

    18.5″ barrel, according to the SKU since I couldn’t find the barrel length on the item page.

  4. as566

    Just for reference, I ordered one of these for $289 before prices shot up last year

  5. August0Pin0Chet

    Exact 590 that I have, great choice for home defense or critter getting.

  6. jrico59

    Three of these or a 1301?

  7. SheIsNotWorthIt

    Saw one locally for $430 yeaterday that came with a pistol grip. I bought the Mossburg 500 Persuader for only $320. Did I do the right thing?

  8. tindV

    I’ve already got an 88, is there any reason to “upgrade” to a 590 or a 590a1 if they ever come around?

  9. JOBAfunky

    Does this have changeable choke tubes or are you just stuck with cylinder?

  10. Chatahootchee

    What makes a 590 so special? I have a Maverick 88 in 20g and it feels very lackluster

  11. LTWestie275

    This or the retrograde

    Not sure the downvote?

  12. ScioTelumTuum

    Damn fine price

  13. EarthseedEquipment

    Uh oh

  14. 120kcbillofsunscreen


  15. ROEdkill820

    Welp this is nowhere near NJ. 😓

  16. thosearecoolbeans

    Embarrassed that I paid 499 for mine last year

  17. stumpy1218

    -No stores within 250 miles

    God I hate being in New Jersey

  18. CotesDuRhone

    Just in case anyone is looking at this and looking for an a1 version, I have this version, and it fucking balls man. I love it. Its my go to home defense gun.

  19. jack_sparrow7335

    Academy fucking sucks, cant ship to an FFL, only available at THEIR STORE

  20. Blue_Sky_At_Night

    Academy used to charge their cost of purchase + 10% for firearms; I don’t know if that’s still their policy, but they’re pretty much the best source I’ve seen for new guns right now.

    I like Summit GB for used guns. They recently changed ownership (the old man was a treasure), but the new guy seems okay. Is there anywhere else I ought to be looking?

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