[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12 Gauge 18.5in Black 7rd $385 -Link In Comments-

[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12 Gauge 18.5in Black 7rd $385 -Link In Comments-


[Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12 Gauge 18.5in Black 7rd $385 -Link In Comments-

14 reviews for [Shotgun] MOSSBERG 590 12 Gauge 18.5in Black 7rd $385 -Link In Comments-

  1. Mcdubstep21

    Not a bad deal….this is a bit tempting to be honest. Been on the fence for a Winchester 1300 stainless steel as a possible next shotgun but hard to beat a 590 for this price.

  2. deadlifts_n_whiskey

    Realistically, what are people’s opinion of shotguns as home defense weapons? I’ve watched some home defense weapon videos from some pretty reputable gun sources and they’ve all been thumbs down on shotguns but I just feel like the sheer power of a shotgun in a small space is a motherfucker in terms of defense.

  3. Apolopolo99

    0.o interesting, although I like the aesthetics of the retrograde, can i just buy wood furniture and cheese grater style heat shield to put on it?

  4. MechaTrogdor

    Oof. This is my ideal HD weapon at a screamin price. Wife may wake up unhappy…

  5. Frigididator

    Great price. Side question, though: Is the 590 a big enough step up from the Maverick 88 that it’d be justifiable to purchase, or is the 88 a decent enough firearm that the bump to a 590 isn’t warranted?

  6. Bigdaddygucci

    Cash/ check?

  7. Step8_freedom

    Still holding for the 590A1 retrograde

  8. meltinyourmouth05

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  10. tiny_samurai

    Could one go the SBS route with a simple 14 inch barrel exchange or would there be issues with the magazine tube?

  11. [deleted]


  12. Shooets-Envy-12

    This is cool but really want the Mossberg 930 semi if it wasent so damn expensive

  13. EarthseedEquipment

    Wow it seems like nature is finally healing. What were these pre-Rona?

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