[shotgun] JTS M12AK SHOTGUN – $299 + $30 s&h

[shotgun] JTS M12AK SHOTGUN – $299 + $30 s&h


[shotgun] JTS M12AK SHOTGUN – $299 + $30 s&h

14 reviews for [shotgun] JTS M12AK SHOTGUN – $299 + $30 s&h

  1. Bobchillingworth

    I feel like visually comparing an actual AK to this is like looking at side-by-side photos of TOS vs. Priceline era Shatner.

  2. DakPresglock

    Saiga at home

  3. LotionOfMotion

    One KUSA-12 or 6 of these?

  4. TennesseeTater

    The SDS Lynx is a good product and scratches the same itch.

  5. TheDialingRain

    I’m always so torn between this or the Lynx 12. Seems like everyone likes the Lynx better?

  6. jaykaypeeness

    The Saiga/VEPR 12 gun for the “Jus as Gud” crowd.

  7. SirKnightJames


    This video has one of the best versions of Africa by toto I’ve ever heard.

  8. Yoshi_is_my_main

    Terrible terrible gun

  9. jesuriah

    These are shit.

  10. Mc_squawk_box

    They need to make a 26″ oal version

  11. LeJuanJames

    Seeing reps like this makes me think, was the Vepr 12 worth all that money?

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  13. Perfect_Diver6763

    Are these worth buying for the price ? Looking for a semi auto shotgun under 1k

  14. wisockamonster


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