[Shotgun] IWI FDE TS-12 $1099 Shipped

[Shotgun] IWI FDE TS-12 $1099 Shipped


[Shotgun] IWI FDE TS-12 $1099 Shipped

8 reviews for [Shotgun] IWI FDE TS-12 $1099 Shipped

  1. 55tinker

    Now you see if those guys in Starship Troopers had these instead of their rifles, they wouldn’t have gotten fucked up by those bugs

  2. StrideWrite

    If you want a high-cap 12 gauge auto-loader, this is the one if you can deal with FDE. That is a LOT of gun for this price.

  3. illegalthingsenjoyer

    why is it a chonker

  4. LeJuanJames

    Why tho…

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  6. stonewall993

    If you’re left handed are u just fucked?

  7. followupquestion

    I have lusted after these for so long but Black Friday and Monday tapped me out and then some.

    Serious question, I hear that these need a hundred or so rounds before they’re running like a Singer. Why doesn’t the factory or an enterprising gun shop break them in, so they’re ready to rock and roll from day one? There’s no rifling to wear out/down, and I’m sure they’d have fewer warranty claims.

  8. KCIIIrd

    Fde isnt my favorite for this gun but this gun fucks. If you want a bull pup shotgun this is the one:

    Threaded chokes
    15+2 capacity (if you ghost load it)
    Semi auto
    Well balanced (no magazine near your shoulder)
    Friendly shooter (although I put a cloth band over the aluminum because the metal gets cold).

    Good price.

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