25 reviews for [Shotgun] GARAYSAR FEAR-103 AK47 – GOLD TROPHY SHOTGUN $899

  1. Zastavarian

    If you’re looking for a drunk purchase tonight

  2. Ricerooni

    Wow, even says it’s great for home defense. In for one.

  3. czynips

    This or spend the $899 to have my Vepr 12 gold plated?

  4. baijiu5000

    I’m disgusted but intrigued

  5. raifsevrence

    I was wondering how long it would take for these to show up here. I’m sure as hell not buying one. Maybe Demolition Ranch will buy one though… Matt definitely needs more golden guns. 🤣

  6. SmoothJ1mmyApollo

    Might go well with the new Far Cry

  7. datdude8686

    Full cartel to Match you golden desert eagle!

  8. weatherbys


  9. ViewAskewed

    Bring me the gun of Dot Matrix.

  10. FTWStoic

    This seems like something a mid-level drug dealer would have.

  11. [deleted]


  12. PandaCatGunner


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  14. 0nlyQuotesMovies

    It’s Liberaces’ AK !!!!

  15. jaykaypeeness

    Literal turd polishing

  16. NckTrick

    And there I was grinding the camo through challenges, I didn’t realize I could just buy it…

  17. BloodCrazeHunter

    In the specs it says “Gold Color Finish.” Is it gold PLATED or gold COLORED? Based on the wording I’m assuming this thing just has some gold paint slapped on it.

  18. bobbydigital66

    People who buy this should have their lineage murdered.

  19. NotoriousDVA

    I ain’t saying Garaysar until I ask my manager for a pay increase after a few shots.

  20. BenderVsGossamer

    The real question, how much of a price increase is this compared to a non gold version?

  21. sfotex

    I’m more into the CHROME one. It’s a silver vs. gold thing.

  22. kampuskristmas1

    Practical yet stylish

  23. siniquezu

    I’ve always wanted to look like Saddam

  24. -Thunderbear-

    Wow, the slant comp muzzle device scaled up for 12GA, the wood furniture, and the cleaning rod are some serious attention to shotgun-sized details that nave not been done in the 12GA AK world that I’ve seen.

    I’d be down for a black version of these. Hell, even beadblasting that chrome one down to matte would make it a hell of a looker with a weather resistant finish.

  25. Puzzled-Computer158

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

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