[Shotgun] Four Peaks T4-S $579.07 + S/H

[Shotgun] Four Peaks T4-S $579.07 + S/H


[Shotgun] Four Peaks T4-S $579.07 + S/H

14 reviews for [Shotgun] Four Peaks T4-S $579.07 + S/H

  1. HumanFuture7

    Just picked this up and figured I’d share with you guys. Pistol grip version is 611.41 here: https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/four-peaks-t4-semi-12ga-18.5-5rd#product_detail

  2. s29

    Warning: my t4s sights are canted to shit.

    Drove about an hour to bring it to four peaks (i live closeish) and the guy checked it out, agreed that they were crooked, told me not to mount a sight on it (because it made the cantedness more obvious), and told me that’s what I get for buying a Turkish clone.

    Still have the shotgun but I’m pretty pissed that four peaks didn’t correct it, even though they brag about their QC inspection process on their site. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  3. polandhighlander

    Warning, the QC is spotty. My T4 mag tube is longer than Benelli mag tube by 1/2 inch. This means the mag tube cap is longer than the barrel

  4. Pedropanini

    Someone I know recently ordered one of these brand new. Straight out of the box, the front sight post was canted to the right pretty severely

  5. Thug_Life_Fudd

    I was on the fence about these and then saw more and more comments on QC Everytime it’s on here, and on forums (I think ar15 and others I saw bad reviews).

    I just decided I’d either let them get it together or just spend more on a better shotgun.

  6. Mc_squawk_box

    Where adjustable stock

  7. Murder_Hobo_LS77

    Turkshit. Save your money and buy a real Benelli

  8. lv_techs

    This or a mossberg 930?

  9. BloodyRimhole

    Got my pistol grip version for 800. No regrets

  10. Sharpastic

    I never knew Benelli released a Double Twin Peaks version of their M4 /s

  11. IdyllicArcadia

    Isn’t this the best Turkish clone? Turknelli if you will

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  13. Adseg5

    Mine has run flawlessly but with minimal rounds through it so far. Scalarworks rmr mount lines up but you’ll need to tap the holes to fit the scalarworks screws. Overall I’m not at all disappointed with not dropping the extra money for a real Benelli that is ultimately just a range toy. And now I have more funds for a new Benelli duck gun! 🦆

  14. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Are these like the Stoeger M3000?

    Inertia or gas

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