[Shotgun] Four Peaks Copolla T4 18.5″ – $600.19

[Shotgun] Four Peaks Copolla T4 18.5″ – $600.19


[Shotgun] Four Peaks Copolla T4 18.5″ – $600.19

12 reviews for [Shotgun] Four Peaks Copolla T4 18.5″ – $600.19

  1. robWrecker2

    What would one need to get this to full capacity?

  2. 10mmIsBestCentimeter

    Are these the same as the SDS S4, TAC12 and SAX2 shotties?

  3. Adseg5

    About 80 less than I paid, but I am super happy with how well it is running so far.

  4. nohcho84

    Is this the best m4 clone?

  5. onlybanana

    Have they fixed the issue with the soft bolt carriers?

  6. Thug_Life_Fudd

    Every time I see this I get hard pp. But my other head says let the beta testers get some time with it.

  7. theoriginalharbinger

    In for 1. I’ll do a side-by-side of a Model 11 vs. thus to see how 100+-year-old American iron compares to off-the-rack Turk shit.

  8. George_Hayduke

    Ok so how would one go about mounting a bayonet to this?

  9. Doctja

    Could you swap out the barrel on one of these?

  10. Crackpipe1

    Bot OOS

  11. Vortaku

    What is the difference in the t4 and the t4s?

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