[Shotgun] BERETTA 1301 COMP 12GA 24″ IC SYN $1,105.56 No Tax

[Shotgun] BERETTA 1301 COMP 12GA 24″ IC SYN $1,105.56 No Tax


[Shotgun] BERETTA 1301 COMP 12GA 24″ IC SYN $1,105.56 No Tax

8 reviews for [Shotgun] BERETTA 1301 COMP 12GA 24″ IC SYN $1,105.56 No Tax

  1. satanshand

    Looks like they have 1

  2. tattoosNguns

    Remember when purchasing, barrels are not cross compatible i.e. Tactical vs Comp

  3. Steel-and-Wood

    No tax you say? I’m in.

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  5. PandaCatGunner


  6. TakenKing


  7. AshantiMcnasti

    I have this.

    The Benelli M2 and beretta 1301 comp are the best do it all guns on the market i.e. trap, hunt, and 3 gun. If you ONLY want a home defense, go for 18.5 inch barrels or sbs shotty. But if you actually want to use your gun for multiple things, then get this if your budget allows. The stipple is a bit rough but wear some gloves to fix the issue.

  8. PrometheusSmith

    I’ve got the 21″ version and it’s a great gun. GG&G makes a nice Magpul Mossberg stock adapter. Good luck getting anything made by Aridus.

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