[Shotgun] Beretta 1301 Comp $1105.56

[Shotgun] Beretta 1301 Comp $1105.56


[Shotgun] Beretta 1301 Comp $1105.56

9 reviews for [Shotgun] Beretta 1301 Comp $1105.56

  1. Zenick000

    So the first pic is a lie?

  2. osssssssx

    Not bad at all…I’m holding out for a 1301 Tac with pistol grip myself…

  3. dustednuggets

    Need that comp pro…

  4. SexiestStarfish

    I have the 1301 comp pro. Hands down my favorite shotgun that I own.

  5. dotcomatose

    Sonofa…. I was looking for this gun earlier this morning!

  6. brian_reddit_77

    I love this shotgun. I’ve used it to shoot skeet and sporting clays too.

    SOFT shooting. Fast shooting. 100%reliable even with light loads i used for clays.

    It won’t be replacing my silver pigeon for clays, but it is great to practice shooting moving targets with your HD gun.

    I can hit a 4inch clay disk at 40 yards going 50mph with this thing all day long.

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  8. PageVanDamme

    Is this a solid reliable HD gun?

  9. PrometheusSmith

    Does anyone know of a company making an optics mount, like the one that KE Arms used to make? I can’t believe that the only options right now are the picatinny rail and possibly drilling and tapping the receiver to accept a tactical model optic mount.

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