[Shotgun] Benelli m4. $1899 plus 9.99 shipping. in stock notification

[Shotgun] Benelli m4. $1899 plus 9.99 shipping. in stock notification


[Shotgun] Benelli m4. $1899 plus 9.99 shipping. in stock notification

13 reviews for [Shotgun] Benelli m4. $1899 plus 9.99 shipping. in stock notification

  1. enclave76

    Honestly this is a pretty bad price.. You can get on gun broker and find these for $1600-$1700 pretty easily unless something is special about this one?

  2. codifier

    Expect to spend another 100-200 for an ungimped mag tube to get the correct capacity, and (last I checked) $500 for the adjustable stock if you want one (thanks Benelli for refusing to sell these to us non-LE /s).

    That said, these are the bees knees, soft shooting even doing magnum rounds.

  3. forgan_reeman

    If this helps push your decision at all, here is my fully [un-neutered M4](https://i.imgur.com/lRA3WBe.jpg). Carriercomp Ti Mag tube and the OEM 3 position recoil tube for the collapsing stock. Took forever to get the parts, but man, I love this thing. This a shotgun I’ve been wanting to build/own since my CS days.

  4. Carsonb99

    Sorry, no way I can swing the $9.99 shipping cost

  5. tepextate

    5+1. Lame.


    Jesus, this makes me thankful for LE pricing. I feel like GunChoker still has better deals then this though?

  7. JoeyBox1293

    $9.99 shipping? PASS.

  8. wowthatsucked

    This, or a AKSA S4 for $400 or AKSA Tac12 for $600?

    I’m not kicking down doors with this, so why not roll the Turkish QC dice.

  9. wingnut5k

    Curious. If money was no object (so modifications needed like new mag tubes dont count against it) is this or a 1301 a better tactical shotgun do you think? This obviously has more cool factor but purely as a tool.

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  11. NikoTheAsian

    This isnt a great price but i will say i fkin love my m4

  12. setmeonfiredaddyuwu

    $9.99 shipping lmao

  13. MisterQuestionz

    Ok the real question is T4 Copolla Turknelli Clone, Benelli M4, 1301 or Stoeger M3K

    Send halp

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