[Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 ZR7762WM Rifle – $1049

[Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 ZR7762WM Rifle – $1049


[Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 ZR7762WM Rifle – $1049

20 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 ZR7762WM Rifle – $1049


    They raise their price by 50 bucks?

  2. Tuco86x

    Damn. Posted in 30 seconds of email. Fastest fingers in the west

  3. uhkayus

    I know this might be unpopular, but the polymer version is a much softer shooting gun, I love the look of wood, but like the functionality of the polymer.

  4. TheGhostOfficial

    M85’s OOS and overpriced

  5. Tuco86x

    Very happy with my Serbian Red. Have at her boys

  6. undoneformula

    Please buy these so I don’t have to

  7. x5nyc

    Don’t own an ak yet. How are these ?

  8. NPSgator

    I pulled trigger tired of waiting on sportsmans

  9. b20vteg

    now I regret not waiting on this one ☹️

  10. waxingcresent

    Nature is not healing

  11. opossomSnout

    I paid 1100 for my polymer so I think it’s a decent/good deal for the times. Or hold for better days.

  12. RodgerTibbs

    Gratuitous Yugo pic to help some of you into difficult credit card convos with your wives, burly bear hubs, or non-binary life partners.


  13. minor_minority

    I need to take a break from this subreddit.

  14. [deleted]


  15. bootsblazing


  16. Hooligan30

    I’m just gonna stop trying

  17. whiterabbit83

    Thank God this sold out my wallet needs a break.

  18. Ed0g


  19. ohnolagman

    Got mine from Kay Var today for 980. Awesome rifle!! Hope you all enjoy yours if you bought.

  20. cmorgan2481

    I have this rifle, added midwest industries MRO mount. 2nd favorite rifle and has run flawless 2k rounds now.

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