[Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 7.62×39, Bulged, Walnut $1079.99

[Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 7.62×39, Bulged, Walnut $1079.99


[Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 7.62×39, Bulged, Walnut $1079.99

20 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava ZPAPM70 7.62×39, Bulged, Walnut $1079.99

  1. MarlboroRum

    I saw kay var had these for 980 earlier. Check there and save some bucks.

  2. Hoff93

    Fuckin got one boys. Really wanted the side folder but that thing seems like a unicorn. I’m sure I’ll be happy with this to take the place of my bastardized single stack ZPAP I bought when I was 18

  3. Nubbl3s


  4. creative_deficit

    This bulges my trunnion

  5. undoneformula

    If someone was to only buy 1 AK style rifle, what would everyone recommend?

  6. fishypants

    What was pre-COVID pricing on this? My WASR needs a brother, but thinking I need to wait just a little longer, lol. Yes, I’m a gambling man apparently, lol

  7. NPSgator

    Please sportsman’s get your delivery already

  8. notacrabperson

    Where the M92’s at tho

  9. SeahawksClippersBro

    these are ironically cheaper through kvar

  10. guo212

    Got one from k-var. 979 + 21 shipping.

  11. Direct-Ad-7330

    dang and I just bought a wasr 10.

  12. ElliotsRebirth

    I need one of these in my life. One time dealer!

  13. yippiyak

    Still sitting, if only I needed two.

  14. Accuracy_whore

    No ak is worth $1000

  15. [deleted]


  16. sbcns

    Can i replace the muzzle device on this one?

  17. phantom416

    I want one, but NJ says no

  18. FX4squad

    How often do these pop up at this price?

  19. xtremejuuuuch

    KVar was selling these just shy of $979. Is there a non-bulged reunion version they’re selling? or just a better deal? I’m all about deals but I man needs a bulge, eh?

  20. GloryholeKaleidscope

    Ahh yes, the infamous: “save ur money for a Zpap” rifle I hear all about on PSA AK posts.

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