[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M90 PS 5.56x45mm – $1,223.99

[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M90 PS 5.56x45mm – $1,223.99


[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M90 PS 5.56x45mm – $1,223.99

13 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M90 PS 5.56x45mm – $1,223.99

  1. fingerslinger58

    Is this the answer to all of the steel case Tula in my closet?

  2. MadeinArkansas

    Wish I would’ve waited to give DK my money instead of k-var

  3. NewCollectorr

    Ive been waiting for one of these for awhile and yesterday i bought a NiB mak90 for 800 on my local forums. Good thing i didnt see this i would have missed out on my big MAK.

  4. onehaz

    Of course this gun finally becomes available after I blow my budget on overlanding parts 😭

  5. PandaCatGunner

    Ngl i enjoy the .223 in the price tag lol

  6. asdfghjklq

    In for one, thanks op!

  7. freedomfreight

    For current m70 owners, would they be able to get a converter kit like how ar15ers can get those cmmg 22lr conversion kits?

  8. August0Pin0Chet

    Gonna wait for some reviews to pour in but I hope these rifles sell like hotcakes

  9. 19hInterrupt

    Have anybody been waiting for these? I think this is one of the first shipments of a new Zastava M90 5.56 AK. This is a Yugo pattern.


    Upd.: also available here for the same price https://atlanticfirearms.com/zastava-m90

  10. Go_For_Broke442

    for a ghetto AK19, cant decide between upgrading an M90 or a Galil ACE.

  11. BusyboxBandit

    I would but I don’t want to have to stock up on yet another type of magazine. Probably going to eventually go the Galil ACE route.

  12. AlphaX4

    Whats with all the .223 AK imports lately? With how much demand there is for the PSA AK74 even though they arent even good you would think more importers would be trying to get in on the 5.45 trend. I know i really want a 5.45 ak in the ~$1,200 price range cuz a local store bought a fuck ton of 5.45 for dirt cheap cuz they thought it was 5.56 and are trying to get rid of it.

  13. toastmaster412

    Holy fuck, here it is!

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