[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70, Wood, Bulged, Chrome Lined – $969 + T/S

[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70, Wood, Bulged, Chrome Lined – $969 + T/S


[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70, Wood, Bulged, Chrome Lined – $969 + T/S

10 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70, Wood, Bulged, Chrome Lined – $969 + T/S

  1. LtBiggDiggs

    Good deal if you’re LEO/MIL and/or live in a tax-free state. If not, DK’s listing might leave you with a spare $40 or so bucks you can put into an extra 10rds of ammo. Either way, good looking out.

    DK’s link:[https://dkfirearms.com/product/zastava-arms-ak-47-zpap-m70-wood-furniture](https://dkfirearms.com/product/zastava-arms-ak-47-zpap-m70-wood-furniture)

  2. cycledogg1

    I have been patiently waiting to get a good AK, is this a good buy?

  3. kidruhil

    Order placed. that MIL discount is sweet af. Thanks OP!

  4. roostersnuffed

    Not a complaint but Its showing $872 for me.

  5. GloryholeKaleidscope

    Keep dropping…only $170 more to go..🤞😬🙏

  6. Wickedjoee

    I’m so happy when I bought mine for 704 shipped.

  7. aclark210

    A good deal on a damn good rifle in the current market.

  8. CaptainofChaos

    Any chance these go down to $900 or below?

  9. adlep2002

    Nature is healing

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