[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 – Walnut – 7.62×39 – $999.99

[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 – Walnut – 7.62×39 – $999.99


[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 – Walnut – 7.62×39 – $999.99

26 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 – Walnut – 7.62×39 – $999.99

  1. cdillon42


  2. Ok_Understanding1612

    Free shipping with MEMORIALDAY2021

  3. Nogood58

    My CC is gonna be like”Bruh again” 😅

  4. helpmepleas1

    Where can I get that cheap shit the terrorists get

  5. AAA_Game

    MEMORIALDAY2021 for free shipping

  6. adlep2002

    Awesome that they have these in stock. All I could find were polys for ages!

  7. Tha_Funky_Homosapien

    I put tung oil on mine last week. 12/10 would recommend

  8. afrothunder287


    Fucking finally got my hands on one

  9. desertdessertlover

    Ordered one.

    With all the comments about how hard these are to find in-stock, I wanted to test whether this was actually live inventory. The site let me add a maximum of 117 of these rifles to my cart. I have no idea what is actually a practical number of rifles for an online gun shop to have in stock, so maybe that’s realistic? Who knows. I bought one, and I (like everyone else here) will find out in the coming days whether we get a shipping notification.

    Edit: I got my shipping notification and I hereby stand corrected and apologize if my post was construed as accusatory towards Prepper Gun Shop.

  10. DriveFoST

    I picked the worst day to buy a ton of car parts

  11. ClutchofGold

    I want an AK. Is this the way?

  12. BolgongaBill

    How the fuck is this still in stock

  13. Jaruut

    I bought one of these last summer for $900. It looks very nice sitting in the safe gathering dust.

  14. poopy_buttholer

    Dealer gtg?

    Edit: Got an order in. We’ll see tomorrow if I get the confirmation email or the refund email.

  15. thatantidote


  16. jayemo

    Damn, told myself I’d jump on a decent sub 1k ak but didn’t think one would come up so soon. Also don’t want to be a paper handed bitch, though. Holding for sub 900?

  17. Jav_Bez

    Holding out for the Tiger Maple. Hope I don’t regret it. First time to find one not sold out with a quickness.

  18. RogerTheRabid

    I’m in for one

  19. joseph-1998-XO

    How easy is it to swap AK furniture

  20. Channel_Plus


  21. Legitimate03

    41 min and this is still in stock wow

  22. church301

    Decent price on a good rifle

  23. Channel_Plus

    How is this still in stock?

  24. FafnirFX

    ugh, my wife is going to divorce me

  25. Ok_Choice3417

    Why hasn’t this sold out already? Is this seller not G2G?

  26. x0diak

    Just for the uninformed, this will not take Ak furniture like a WASR-10.

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