[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 Tiger Maple – $1049 (+CA Compliance $49)

[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 Tiger Maple – $1049 (+CA Compliance $49)


[Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 Tiger Maple – $1049 (+CA Compliance $49)

14 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava ZPAP M70 Tiger Maple – $1049 (+CA Compliance $49)

  1. NoStepOnChop

    The more I see tiger maple, the more I think I’d prefer the normal walnut.

  2. TheGhostOfficial

    No such thing as Tiger maple. Zastava calls this light maple. Don’t be shocked if you get no stripes. Thread on the files and I did a video about this. Check my post history.

  3. BurnMuscleBuildFat

    OOS already

  4. Gatecrasher

    Price isn’t ideal. But light maple furniture is not widely available.

    And if you are in CA… well, Good Luck. Atlantic is at least friendly in that regard, hence linked.

    * https://zastavaarmsusa.com/product/zastava-m70-scope-mount/
    * https://old.reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/nww0dr/parts_in_stock_zastava_m70_scope_mount_10999_sh/h1bgj5e/

    There are detailed pictures of the Zastava Yugo-pattern ZPAP-specific scope mount at the link above, compared to UTG NPAP, compared to RS regulate.

    It’s in stock as well, as of typing of this comment.

  5. aoroutesetter

    5m OOS sheesh

  6. ImJustHereToBitch

    You won’t get one like the picture. I’m convinced they pulled the best wood from an entire shipment and slapped it together to get your hopes up.

    Source: me, who got my hopes up

  7. Big_Jmoney

    Guess I shouldn’t have taken that nap after work

  8. CJ_Figy

    There it is. But $1000? Sheesh.

  9. MaxXsDDS2

    Not again…

  10. Gatecrasher

    bot oos

  11. Happy_Dragonfruit320

    Damn. I would have bought that.

  12. edg1998

    Dam this woulda been perfect for me since I live in communist jersey

  13. Watsupk

    Bro been waiting for this exact one, missed it

  14. dL_EVO

    I literally miss out on this every single time and I’m on my computer and phone like literally all day.


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