[rifle] ZASTAVA M93 BLACK ARROW 50BMG $7,696.65 in cart

[rifle] ZASTAVA M93 BLACK ARROW 50BMG $7,696.65 in cart


[rifle] ZASTAVA M93 BLACK ARROW 50BMG $7,696.65 in cart

22 reviews for [rifle] ZASTAVA M93 BLACK ARROW 50BMG $7,696.65 in cart

  1. Jamminz333

    No need for optics boys; it’s got iron sights!

  2. PewPew3737

    In for a crate, thanks

  3. covid_cough

    This is a no brainer. In for a few.

  4. romang12

    Free shipping, awesome. In for one.

  5. theycallmeLITTLE

    In for 0 cause I’m poor. Thanks OP!

  6. spoknik

    I do have a squirrel problem…full send?

  7. Overpowernamerino

    I bought a house in SF suburb recently, is this gud for home defense?

  8. bro_can_u_even_carve

    This or Barrett M82?

    Yeah yeah, I know the answer is both, but if you could only have one?

  9. relaxingwater

    Free shipping…. shit i still live in CA. Dammit

  10. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Perfect retirement gun – for when you’re all done using your shoulders and listening to your wife.

  11. Mcdubstep21

    *Far Cry 3 intensifies*

  12. xboxeater

    Wow I almost just payed 8k for a bolt action rifle. Woooo thank God I was looking for the Brandon herara comment

  13. KaiserThrawn

    Been looking for a new coyote rifle, got 3 for me, my dad and brother. Thanks OP!

  14. lordscrodom

    In for 2

  15. mrwallstreetbets96

    What is this chambered in and what are the cons? I’m drunk and dangerous with a free’d up credit card

  16. radio_schizo

    Does Brendan Herrera know about this?

  17. LowValueAviator

    Having a hard time seeing the case for these. Awesome name but between this and a DT HTI or Steyr HS50M1 for less money the choice seems clear.

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  19. ZirJohn

    Is it California legal doe?

  20. WiseDirt

    This thing is just screaming to be SBRd and chopped down into an Obrez-style pistol

  21. SodakStalker

    No I didn’t find a fuckin m93 black arrow in the fucking woods.

  22. Speedhabit

    This is a big ask when a desert tech is less, more accurate, lighter, smaller, and can shoot .375 if you want to go ELR

    Hate cults? Get it used

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