[Rifle] Zastava M90 556 18in – $1225

[Rifle] Zastava M90 556 18in – $1225


[Rifle] Zastava M90 556 18in – $1225

7 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava M90 556 18in – $1225

  1. tjekrelwlinear

    Their 1st batch they sold for $1300, but $1225 is the MAP now it seems.

    Edit: only place w/ lower price is LockedLoaded ($1150 in cart), but I’ve never bought from them and they’re banned from r/gundeals so idk

    Edit2: [DK also has them for the same price if these go OOS](https://dkfirearms.com/product/zastava-arms-pap-m90-ps-5-56mm-rifle/)

  2. PeanutButterNipple

    I see they’ve lowered the price. Clever girl not to upset the gundeals.

  3. [deleted]


  4. herecomethebees

    Ahh yes the worst of both worlds, AR priced rounds out of an AK priced gun.

  5. ColtHand

    The price strikes me as a bit high.

  6. SappyMcSapperton

    I didn’t realize this was 18”

  7. thatantidote

    Ugg boot stock

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