[Rifle] Zastava M90 18” 5.56 Nato $1119.98 shipped, no tax outside AL

[Rifle] Zastava M90 18” 5.56 Nato $1119.98 shipped, no tax outside AL


[Rifle] Zastava M90 18” 5.56 Nato $1119.98 shipped, no tax outside AL

14 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava M90 18” 5.56 Nato $1119.98 shipped, no tax outside AL

  1. PMull_90

    Why must this be on the month I’m broke 🥺

  2. iLuvstockglocksights

    Disclaimer: Not in local inventory, ships from our distributor to local store for pickup, or have it shipped to your address (or your FFL dealer for firearms).

    Never had a problem from this seller when they put that tho. Add to cart for price. Cheapest I’ve seen on here according to the search bar. Have at it boys

  3. rubetube69

    This or a Gen 2 Galil ACE in 5.56?

  4. Numerous_Tackle_9972

    I’d wait on the M90 and get the Galil. I held a Galil today and it was heavy as hell and I wasn’t a fan of the ” not an AR and not an AK” controls, but it damn sure seemed well made.

  5. thatwontdopig

    Dk firearms has them in stock for 1,123 with code m90bf. Ordered mine last night it shipped today.

  6. raifsevrence

    This is the best price they have been since they first started importing the M90

  7. yw4lkwhenUcanride

    I want but any chance if I keep holding on over the next few months these AK prices keep going down? Not in a rush but I would like to add a nice AK to the collection and I’m not stuck into any specific model.

    Any suggestions for me?

  8. jjb1197j

    I’m ready to be downvoted for saying this but the m90 looks ugly as hell.

  9. lv_techs

    I need that 16″ version

  10. Dapper_Scorpion

    Anyone have experience with this and the Arsenal SAM 5 enough to make a recommendation?

  11. waratworld17

    18 inch 5.56 barrel? Is this some sort of SPR?

  12. Khkainjmn

    I miss when ak platforms were 500$…

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  14. Automatic_Apricot131

    Ew. This goes for sale for 900 dollars at times, you can put a Zhukov on then for less.

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