[Rifle] Zastava Arms – ZPAPM70 – Tiger Maple Wood – $979

[Rifle] Zastava Arms – ZPAPM70 – Tiger Maple Wood – $979


[Rifle] Zastava Arms – ZPAPM70 – Tiger Maple Wood – $979

5 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava Arms – ZPAPM70 – Tiger Maple Wood – $979

  1. benana19

    Wow! Tiger maple still in stock almost 45 minutes later. The times are changing.

  2. ReverendRicochet

    Something fuckey with the cart.

    Declined, contacted by bank, approved, another cart glitch, another glitch about duplicate transactions, then a receipt.

    Maybe I should go back to the bank and cancel the whole deal IDK.

  3. DUXZ

    got one of these two months ago and I cant stop picking it up and pointing it. The Ergonomics are amazing, like touching a 1911 for the first time.

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  5. TerribleElk6

    Whats the difference from “light maple” models elsewhere?

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