[Rifle] Zastava Arms ZPAPM70 – Black Poly – AK 7.62x39mm – $896.99

[Rifle] Zastava Arms ZPAPM70 – Black Poly – AK 7.62x39mm – $896.99


[Rifle] Zastava Arms ZPAPM70 – Black Poly – AK 7.62x39mm – $896.99

25 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava Arms ZPAPM70 – Black Poly – AK 7.62x39mm – $896.99

  1. ilikebeer19

    I am definitely not crying the bitter tears of peak covid pricing regret over here. If that’s what you are thinking then you are just completely off base.

  2. Deacondefcon

    I was going to buy this at 899.00 but when I factored in shipping and transfer it was the same price as my LGS, so I went with that. It a beautiful firearm. Worth the price of admission.

  3. farofeirinho

    That’s a really good price

  4. NJDevil219

    Paid $150 more than this last year and have no regrets..love the ergonomics on the poly. Definitely grab this if you’re in the market for an AK

  5. benana19

    One of my favorite guns to shoot by far!

  6. Nasty_Priest

    I need to ask my wife’s boyfriend if he’d buy this for me.

  7. Woodscraps

    I couldn’t help myself this time.

  8. teh27

    This is the ak I have and I love it. This is about 100 bucks less than I paid

  9. 9IX

    **Serious Question** This or a PSA AK? I’m relatively new to firearms

  10. ovoajn

    been trying to find one on lay away but F it I need to get this over with so I can move on with my life I’m going to send it!

  11. Moose2418

    Has anyone else noticed the URL on this? “Shutupaboutwoodtheergosarebetteronpoly”

  12. RowHonest2833

    Sigh, I will just never be a fan of the AR style stock on an AK.

    Though I did hear it’s better if you have a longer length of pull?

  13. No_Creativity

    Stupid question, say I want to go full ~~retard~~ tarkov and cover my AK in Zenitco furniture, what’s the best AK for compatibility?

  14. Automatic_Apricot131

    This is a phenomenal rifle. Just BE AWARE that this rifle is YUGO not AKM. Absolutely nothing is wrong with yugo and this rifle as said is phenomenal, but if you are wanting an AKM style import you are better off purchasing a WBP.

    Also, the stock on this rifle sucks, get better furniture when you buy it.

    Seller is GTG.

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  16. CZ4Life

    Is this worth it at this price?

  17. mrwallstreetbets96

    BIN price folks, love mine to death and was worth every penny when I paid just over $1k

  18. Automatic_Apricot131

    lmao I was just looking at one of these

  19. invertedigloo

    Look what they did to my boi

  20. IO_engineer

    hOLD! we can get these down below $700 💎🤲

  21. Mr_West_Ye

    Is this better than the maple wood ak?

  22. minor_minority


  23. Bcomplexity

    well dang

  24. JannaOTPOP

    How easy is it to take the handguard off these?

  25. NYG_5

    Ehhh, the walnut stock ones are only $100 more. Bin price is more like 700-800, this isna tolerable deal

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