[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAPM70 Extended M-Lok Handguard $1407.99 Shipped

[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAPM70 Extended M-Lok Handguard $1407.99 Shipped


[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAPM70 Extended M-Lok Handguard $1407.99 Shipped

22 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAPM70 Extended M-Lok Handguard $1407.99 Shipped

  1. yfan

    Seems like a decent deal if you want this exact setup. You’re getting about $500 added value over the standard black polymer setup that frequently goes for just under 1k?

  2. Soggy-Bookkeeper

    Cool AK.

    But is there a reason why someone would choose this over a Galil Ace 2? Basically in the same price range

  3. Marjask

    Have it, ran it in competition, love it. The bit of extra weight the handguard adds combined with the stock makes it surprisingly gentle to shoot for an AK.

  4. raifsevrence

    Downvote gang coming in strong on this one.

    Between muzzle device handguard and the shitty utg rail, is there $500 added value here over the stock wood/poly versions?

    I’m not sure myself. The handguard seems to be the best modern hg toy can presently get for a Yugo. Maybe someday somebody will make a chippy of the zenitco stuff for yugos.

  5. fourleggedpython

    Looks like a TRON or Elysium AK…… I need this

  6. DillyJamba

    When are you getting more maple! I need that 899.99 mammer jammer

  7. PMull_90

    Look what they did to my boi

  8. dust-bin

    I would say if this is in your price range, save $100-200 more and get a Galil. I think you buy this only if you’re into the the look of it, which I’ll admit is pretty cool IMO.

  9. impulsebuyer999

    Are the iron sights usable here if no optics are mounted? Looks like the rail would obscure the sights

  10. wowthatsucked

    Wish they made a shorty version of the Extended M-Lok handguard for the M92.

  11. buttholechickenrip

    You can get the stock and handguard for $200, Midwest rail for around 230, and an Epsilon for under $60. There’s a better version of this gun to be had by doing it by piece and have the original furniture as backup.

  12. MURTEK3

    That’s one ugly sumbitch

  13. dkfirearms

    Also arrived today, Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAP M70 with Folding Triangle Stock $1239.99 Shipped.


  14. rick4787


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  16. [deleted]


  17. callme_rdubs

    Looks a lot like the Krebs I’ve been lusting after for three years.

  18. Real_Nigerian

    I want this but I already have a arsenal sam7sf. Any reason not to get this? help.

  19. cmorgan2481

    I actually wish it had the Archangel stock. besides not folding it’s much better than the boot.


    After buying the walnut for a grand, I can safely say no one should be striving to make this gun any heavier than it already is. I also work out, I am not exactly weak or a whimp. It’s your money, you can decide for yourself lol.

  21. imbthree


  22. PudisBumbrshoot

    I just want a 14inch barrel galil 😄

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