[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK 47 ZPAP M70 Wood Furniture, 1.5mm -$999

[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK 47 ZPAP M70 Wood Furniture, 1.5mm -$999


[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK 47 ZPAP M70 Wood Furniture, 1.5mm -$999

19 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava Arms AK 47 ZPAP M70 Wood Furniture, 1.5mm -$999

  1. s29

    Seems like these are showing up more consistently lately.


    No tax, $18.95 shipping to PA

  3. IoniKryptonite

    If you’re thinking about it, just do it. Best AK deal on the market.

  4. LiterallyaWinner

    I promised myself I wouldn’t spend any more money on guns after my last purchase. Ok NOW I’m not going to spend any more money on guns for a few months

  5. IncreaseSufficient

    In for one thanks!

  6. mattdavisbr

    Got my m92 from these folks.

    ~~Heads up, this also includes the $110 scope mount!~~

    Holy reading, Batman. Totally misread my email from them this morning, sorry everyone.

  7. 415Shooter

    I just came to post and you beat me by 20 minutes. Well done, OP. Definitely the best deal online now.

  8. MetalZeppelin

    Wonder if they’ll ever make an underfolder zpap m70

  9. cmorgan2481

    They need to start selling ammunition.

  10. degenerate1337trades

    This or a $1100 KR103?

  11. zeroathlete5872

    Still waiting on maple 😩

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  13. romang12

    Anyone know the best way to refinish walnut furniture on m70?

  14. SomnambulisticTaco

    Does anyone happen to know the difference between the ZPAP and NPAP?

  15. Typylopper7

    Anyone know how long it takes these guys to ship?

  16. awp235

    Are these reliable? Accurate? This is inexpensive for a fantasy…

  17. p00pl00ps1

    🙁 I was hoping this price would come down due to the ammo ban. I’d buy this at $600 all day long but it’s still as $1k as it ever was

  18. Jwestie15

    Fuck me I paid 1200 in the before time and the bojiden saynomoresteel

  19. Highwriter90

    Too much money

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