[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAP M70 Black Poly Furniture $899.99 Shipped after Code PAPBDEC

[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAP M70 Black Poly Furniture $899.99 Shipped after Code PAPBDEC


[Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAP M70 Black Poly Furniture $899.99 Shipped after Code PAPBDEC

27 reviews for [Rifle] Zastava Arms AK-47 ZPAP M70 Black Poly Furniture $899.99 Shipped after Code PAPBDEC

  1. Electrical-Guide-821

    Please stop tempting me. I know I shouldn’t buy it, but at this price it’s really fucking hard not to.

  2. Razvee

    I paid 1099 back in march 🙁

    Great rifle, poly furniture is actually very comfortable and feels well made, no ragertes.

  3. dkfirearms

    Merry Christmas!

    More Sales Here: [https://dkfirearms.com/shop/black-friday/](https://dkfirearms.com/shop/black-friday/)

  4. SouthPawCO

    My friend and I both bought ZPAP’s at the same time. He got the poly, I got the wood. Aesthetically, the wood wins, but ergonomically, the poly wins by a landslide.

  5. Inorganicmatter

    God damn you sir

  6. bcferguson128

    Guys, is this BIN for a first AK?…

  7. thatboyred

    What I would do for this to be still in stock on Wednesday .. ugh leave it for the holidays and shitboxes to leave you screwed and penniless

  8. adlep2002

    Worth every penny

  9. uncleacidsdeadbeat

    Paid 1050 for this rifle earlier this year, don’t regret it even a little. But this price fucks insanely hard, if I didn’t just get a WASR I’d be aallll over this

    If you’ve been on the fence about buying an incredible AK that will far outlive you, this is the deal you’ve been looking for

  10. uhkayus

    Poly version best version

  11. Jstaud4

    Anyone know where I could buy just this poly pistol grip? I’ve replaced all the other wood furniture on my M70 and the wood grip looks out of place now

  12. Mistah_Fahrenheit

    Nature is healing

  13. Tcheeks38

    Don’t have the money to buy but what is more desireable between this (ZPAP) and an IWI Galil Ace?

  14. SayNoMorty


  15. there_is-no-spoon

    Good deal

  16. MarkPellicle

    I got this gun a few months ago after going back and forth about getting an ak. It is super fun to shoot, but man the ammo is dirtyyyyy.

    This is also a great price, although it seems prices are starting to drop a little bit.

  17. [deleted]


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  19. Heistman

    Why am I poor 🙁

  20. SayNoMorty

    So I see on the site if I buy the California compliance kit you’ll ship if my FFL will receive it in the regular configuration? Or will it come with the fin grip installed already?

  21. _Quequeg

    Dammit. Wants/Needs≠$$$!

  22. captstix

    Need to get back into the AK game. This one well regarded?

  23. N_L287

    I’ve recently acquired some spare pocket change. I have 2 AR’s and 1 Glock. Can someone talk me out of acquiring first glorious AK?

  24. elmichaelman

    This or a Zpap92?

  25. Spirited_Golf_188

    Fuck me

  26. hamoodie052612


  27. acid-burn-010

    920.00 after long gun shipping, plus 20 for ffl transfer. So 940.00 or replace bald tires on my car before the snow hits….

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